[Theora] Guadec 2005 and DirectShow Filters

Aaron Whitehouse lists at whitehouse.org.nz
Tue Jan 10 17:14:46 PST 2006

Hello all,

I have been trying to play the Guadec Theora files (
http://stream.fluendo.com/archive/6uadec/ )
on Windows with no success. At first I thought it was just the machine
which I was trying it on, but I now have seen another machine play other
Theora files (Systm, Ubuntu Below Zero) without problems, but treat
Guadec as just being audio files. I do also have another machine here
which treats all the aforementioned Theora files as sound files (after
connecting to the Internet to try and find an appropriate codec).

These files work fine for me in Ubuntu so I was wondering if the Guadec
Theoras are malformed in some respect or whether the dsf filters for
Theora are not quite complete yet.

I realise that the dsf filters are maintained largely by one person, so
this isn't a critique; I would just like to help solve the problem :).

Can anyone play the Guadec conference in WMP?

Thanks in advance,

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