[Theora] ffmpeg/ffmpeg2theora &vhooks

Aphid aphid at ucsc.edu
Tue Feb 21 17:27:14 PST 2006

Hi theora-list,

I'm involved in in a project to redistribute C-SPAN's floor footage  
from the US house and senate that we're capturing and converting*.   
This footage is in the public doman, however there's a C-SPAN overlay  
which is a registered trademark - we're having to overlay a "public  
domain" graphic on top of it.  We're currently doing this with  
ffmpeg's vhook functionality.  We ultimately need this footage to be  
in theora, because we're using annodex to index the footage. So - a  
couple of questions:

I've noticed some activity on the ffmpeg changelog w/r/t decoding  
theora content - is there any hope of ENcoding via ffmpeg?
	this would allow us to use our ffmpeg vhooks to get our theora content.

Is it possible/feasible to roll vhook funcitonality into ffmpeg2theora?

Otherwise, it seems as though we're stuck rendering mp4 in ffmpeg  
with our overlay, then ffmpeg2theoraing that mp4.  This is  
problematic because we're also hoping to offer a live feed.

Any advice or suggestions would be very appreciated.


*the footage is currently available digitally in DRM'd & proprietary  
RealVideo; we think it's a better idea to have it available in an  
open format.

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