[theora] video steaming?

Ricky Dearman ricky at rickydearman.com
Sun Aug 27 20:19:29 PDT 2006

       could you please let me know more info on how to use open source technology to distribute content - video streaming from my website.
e.g my acting showreel or a 10 minute independent (spiritual)movie that i want to direct/film. Like the York Group - 
[ 2006 January 13 - YSTV webcast in Ogg Theora ]
York Student Television is now available online in Ogg Theora, both as a live stream and downloads of past shows. Take a look or read about how they're using open source technology to distribute their content in open formats.

www.rickydearman.com is my website if you wish to view it?

Warm Regards
Ricky Dearman
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