[Theora] Stream Test (again)

Neil Morris neil at adm1.ph.man.ac.uk
Fri Apr 28 03:04:35 PDT 2006

Many thanks for the info Zen, and glad to see you have it in hand and on 
the list.
Keep up the very good work!<g>
Best Regards

illiminable wrote:

> Hi,
> Not at the moment. It's a few items down my todo list at the moment... 
> which is looking roughly like...
> Get a Windows Mobile 5 pocket pc release done
> Update the installer
> Get a desktop release done (including the 5-6 bugfixes that are in 
> svn) (0.72)
> Update the mux/encode side to be generic and compatible with the new 
> demux code
> Add native flac encoder
> Trim down as many of the easy active bugs (28 as of today) as possible
> Release (0.73)
> Speed up the seek table building code, add binary search seeking/http 
> seeking
> Release (0.74)
> Look at dynamic reconnection (ie chaining)
> ....
> It may get in to 0.74, but more likely 0.75. Depends some of the easy 
> bugs may get bumped up into 0.72.
> Cheers,
> Zen.

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