[Theora] Stream Test (again)

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Not at the moment. It's a few items down my todo list at the moment... which 
is looking roughly like...

Get a Windows Mobile 5 pocket pc release done
Update the installer
Get a desktop release done (including the 5-6 bugfixes that are in svn) 
Update the mux/encode side to be generic and compatible with the new demux 
Add native flac encoder
Trim down as many of the easy active bugs (28 as of today) as possible
Release (0.73)
Speed up the seek table building code, add binary search seeking/http 
Release (0.74)
Look at dynamic reconnection (ie chaining)

It may get in to 0.74, but more likely 0.75. Depends some of the easy bugs 
may get bumped up into 0.72.


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> PS Any progress in getting the filters to accept chained ogg streams?
> Neil.
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