[Theora] Stream Test (again)

Neil Morris neil at adm1.ph.man.ac.uk
Tue Apr 25 08:31:11 PDT 2006

Robert Smith wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have done some work on the streams at http://www.visonair.tv
> The seem a little better (got the page sorting working properly now)
> I would appreciate it if people could perform some testing (again) on 
> the Ogg stream. (visit http://www.visonair.tv/watch.php )  Feel free 
> to stay connected for long periods of time...

I tried a few quick and none too scientific views of your stream using 
Windows versions of the following players

RealPlayer10 with the Xiph plugins:
No problems
Good Image

VLC 085-cvs  and 084-stable:
again no problems
Good Image

again no problems
Good Image

Windows Media Player
Using Illuminable's DirectShow Filters:

Mmmm Vorbis audio fine but the Theora video was very stop-start, it
would run for a second or so, stop then start again. The image itself
looked fine, as good as the other players but the playback in this state
would be unwatchable. This result with WMP is a bit odd as WMP will
playback my own Theora/Vorbis stream in this same configuration
without this video problem. I am using ffmpeg2theora to encode the
video and oggzmerge to multiplex the video and audio tracks. I stream
using PeerCast under the title of Landscape Voyage Video. If you
install the PeerCast Client (www.peercast.org) you can play the OGG
stream using the PeerCast Search URL of:

(The "localhost" URL is how you communicate with the PeerCast Client.)

With what and how are you encoding your video?, just being nosey<g>.


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