[Theora] Stream Test (again)

Simon Blandford home at simonb.org.uk
Mon Apr 24 12:38:07 PDT 2006

Just tried four players in PCLinuxOS p0.92.

1) RealPlayer 10 - Starts & stops and freezes and breaks.
2) VLC 0.8.2 - Same story
3) Kaffeine 0.7.1 - Near-perfect! Just one breakage and it reconnected after
a few seconds. Hardy touching the CPU usuage too, less than 2% on Athlon-64
3500 dual core.
4) Mplayer - Maxed out the CPU and never started display. Just blank window.

There are definitely seems to be some issues with most of the Theroa players
out there now. I have never had much luck playing live OGG streams. The
streams seem very fragile and break at the first sign of congestion.
However, Kaffeine demonstrates that is _is_ possible.


On 24/04/06, Robert Smith <rob at visonair.tv> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have done some work on the streams at http://www.visonair.tv
> The seem a little better (got the page sorting working properly now)
> I would appreciate it if people could perform some testing (again) on the
> Ogg stream. (visit http://www.visonair.tv/watch.php )  Feel free to stay
> connected for long periods of time...
> The only problem I have noticed is that sometimes VideoLAN/VLC has some
> problems playing it, or develops problems after a while, sometimes I get
> lots combinations of the following types of errors:
> -  main warning: late picture skipped (2588023332)
> -  main warning: vout warning: early picture skipped (80274552479)
> -  main warning: received buffer in the future (80275064476)
> Yet oggz-validate has no problems with the stream.  Should I be concerned
> with this or is VLC trying too hard!?!  Sometimes the stream stops, and the
> messages window just scrolls away with:
> - main warning: PTS is out of range (10093238), dropping buffer
> - main warning: late picture skipped (10365269)
> and most of the time doesnt restart on its own, I have to manually restart
> it.
> Plays fine with Windows Media Player/directshow.
> Thanks for your comments before, they were very helpful... :)
> Regards
> Rob Smith
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