[Theora] Stream Test

illiminable ogg at illiminable.com
Wed Apr 5 21:51:56 PDT 2006

Seemed to work ok in Windows Media Player for me (clicking the VideoLan
link). I only watched it for about 2 minutes though as i'm about to go out.
So it's quite possible if there are chain breaks, it will stop working at
that point.


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Subject: [Theora] Stream Test

> Hi
> Seeing as other people are posting streams to test, the system I have been 
> developing has an Ogg/Vorbis/Theora stream that you can watch.  I would 
> appreciate any feedback to what players can play it and which players have 
> problems.  (I am using Icecast as the streaming server)
> So far I have found VideoLan plays the stream very well.  MPlayer was ok, 
> but wasn't as good at buffering.  The Java Player from flumotion played ok 
> sometimes (although there is some nasty tearing on the image when its 
> re-drawing fast-motion video)
> You can find the stream to test at http://www.visonair.tv - click "Watch 
> Now" and choose the stream for VideoLan.  (The website is (or will be) an 
> internet based open access TV channel.)
> Any input would be useful.
> Regards
> Rob Smith
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