[Theora] Re: Snipping the beginning off Theora files

pat cito patcito at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 11:28:11 PST 2005

I also know of 2 non-linear video editing tool:
 http://cinelerra.org/ that does import and export to theora
http://www.kinodv.org/ that does export only AFAIK

On 10/30/05, Aaron Whitehouse <lists at whitehouse.org.nz> wrote:
> pat cito wrote:
> > http://lists.xiph.org/pipermail/theora/2005-September/000983.html
> Thank you for this, Pat. The advice in that message is to use oggz-tools
> which I have downloaded and read the manual of. I have come to the
> conclusion that it was not designed to do what I am wanting to do with
> it. It seems able to pull parts of a bitstream based on serial number or
> the type of stream (Vorbis, Theora etc.) but it does not seem able to
> output from a time to a time or anything. What I am hoping for is
> something like:
> cropogg --outputfile [path] --begintime 10:03 --endtime [end / 1:23:00]
> But perhaps I am being overly optimistic. I suppose that I could try to
> identify the serials of the first 20 minutes of pages and then use it,
> but it seems a very difficult way to do something quite common and
> simple. Theoretically all it needs to do is cut the first 20 mins of the
> data stream while leaving the three(?) headers intact, or writing new
> headers for the new stream (I believe that an ogg file missing the first
> 20 mins of the data stream would still be a valid file if the headers
> were intact).
> Thanks for your help and please let me know if I am just missing how to
> use oggz-tools properly.
> Aaron
> --
> http://www.whitehouse.org.nz

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