[Theora] Re: Snipping the beginning off Theora files

pat cito patcito at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 21:18:51 PDT 2005


On 10/30/05, Aaron Whitehouse <lists at whitehouse.org.nz> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm sure that this must have been answered by someone in the past, but I
> couldn't find it.
> I have downloaded the Theora files of the 6uadec Gnome conference from:
> http://stream.fluendo.com/archive/6uadec/
> While it is great that they have them available, most of them seem to
> have a lot of video of empty room before the speaker starts (sometimes
> 20 minutes or so). I am wanting to give these to a couple of people and
> so would like to snip that 20 minutes off and end up with
> smaller/shorter files which are minus the guff. Is there are simple tool
> with which I can do this?
> Secondly; if Vorbis is poor at low quality levels and Xiph develops
> Speex specifically for speech, why aren't the audio tracks of conference
> speeches done in speex instead of Vorbis?? Is this because people are
> more likely to have Vorbis support than speex at this stage?
> Thanks in advance,
> Aaron
> --
> http://www.whitehouse.org.nz

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