[Theora] Re: Why do you use Theora?

ChristianHJW christian at matroska.org
Mon Nov 28 14:02:36 PST 2005

Hi Monty, hi all,

thanks for the fair comparison, we are glad the two projects have 
meanwhile found a good way of communication, based on mutual respect. 
Vorbis is my favourite audio codec since a long time for most of my 
private video compressions, and i guess it will stay that for a long time.

Good news : in next MKVtoolnix we plan to release Theora-in-MKV support 
publically. Note that current matroska DShow splitter (Haali splitter) 
has support for these files already since 2 releases, so once people can 
make such files with mkvmerge they should play on most PCs without any 
problems, if ffdshow-video or Illiminable's theora decoder filters are 
installed. For VLC, support is planned to come soon.


matroska project admin

Monty schrieb:

> On Wed, Nov 16, 2005 at 07:53:40PM +0100, Maik Merten wrote:
>>>- Do you think, Ogg is an appropriate container-format for using with Theora? 
>>>Wouldn't fit e.g. Matroska better?
> I'll be a bit offtopic and mention (rather than answering the question)
> that Ogg and Mastroska are for different uses.  
> Ogg is a 'frozen stream' and nothing more.  It is linear by definition
> and meant to be easy to 'thaw' into the original information either
> for using directly, or for refashioning into other transports/formats.
> It was always envisioned, for example, that an Icecast server could
> break open a multiplexed Ogg stream on the fly, extract only the
> pieces the client wanted, then 'freeze' it back into a new stream with
> a trivial amount of CPU and less than a page of code.
> Mastroska intends to be a higher-level non-linear packaging container.
> The target is somewhat different (eg, complete DVD-like functionality
> in a single file, including non-linear features).  
> Although the feature and application sets overlap somewhat, the center
> of each target is somewhat different.  Ogg intends to be as
> simple/flexible a context-free stream transport as possible while
> Mastroska intends to be more application-feature complete.
> Monty

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