[Theora] YSTV Video Online in Theora

Dave Baker dave at ystv.york.ac.uk
Mon Nov 21 05:21:59 PST 2005


This is just a quick note to let you know that we, York Student Television, 
have just moved our 'Watch Online' section (http://ystv.york.ac.uk/watch/) to 
Ogg Theora, which means there's a archive of about 7.5GB's worth of content 
in Theora freely available under a Creative Commons license for all to 

We're a small TV station based at the University of York, UK, run entirely by 
students in our spare time, and we generally make about three to four hours 
worth of TV each week, ranging from news and current affairs to comedy and 
light entertainment.

You're free, of course, to direct people to our site as a demo of your codecs. 
I've put your logo on the site to give you credit (hope that's okay). It 
might even be a good thing for the 'content' section on theora.org!

It's all at http://ystv.york.ac.uk/

But anyway, we're quite pleased about this - we hope you at xiph.org are too!

Dave Baker
Computing Officer
York Student Television

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