[Theora] Why do you use Theora?

Maik Merten maikmerten at gmx.net
Wed Nov 16 10:53:40 PST 2005

Thomas Kuglitsch wrote:
> Therefore I've some Questions:
> - Do you use Theora?


> - Why do you use Theora?

Because it's a pain-free video encoding solution. I'm using Linux as my
main desktop system and basically every linux distro out there has
better support for Theora than for e.g. for MPEG4-ASP. I'm used to
commandline applications, so ffmpeg2theora is very intuitive for me to use.

Encoding efficiency is "good enough" for me. There are more
sophisticated codecs out there but I like the fact Theora is free in
every sense.

> - Using Theora, which bitrates and resolutions respectively do you encode 
> with?

Oh, I usually transcode DVB recordings to save space. I'm usually going
for 512x384 and I aim at 500-600 kbps (which would qualify as
low-bitrate video).

> - Do you think, Ogg is an appropriate container-format for using with Theora? 
> Wouldn't fit e.g. Matroska better?

Ogg is just a container. It works and has every feature I demand. As I'm
using Vorbis for audio Ogg Vorbis + Ogg Theora is a natural choice.


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