[Theora] Other extension for Ogg Theora then "ogg"

Borphee borphee at cebridge.net
Tue May 10 12:35:51 PDT 2005

From: "pat cito" <oggtheora at yahoo.com>

> --- Borphee <borphee at cebridge.net> wrote:
>> I don't care if people use Linux.
> And you expect us to care about people using windows
> :p

Every developer etc. should care about the 95% dominant OS.

It doesn't matter whether you like windows or not.  It's the dominant OS by 
a wide, wide margin.

Acceptance of reality doesn't mean you have to like it.  Denial of reality 
doesn't make it true.

Even Apple recognises that and provides iTunes and Quicktime, etc. to 
Windows users.  Do you really think the iTunes store (and program), and the 
ipod, would be so prevalent without Windows support?

>> I use windows
>> because the programs I want
>> to run don't under Linux.

> You mean the latest MSN messenger with flashy shiny
> background and stuff? You'll n-e-v-e-r going to find
> the exact same app on linux. It's up to you man.

I didn't say those apps.  However, those are reasonable examples.  If you 
use and depend on programs that aren't available on a different OS, then you 
aren't going to switch.

But I do have a number that don't work right and some that don't work at 

Plus there's still hardware driver issues, etc.

>>  As I've told others, I
>> intently hope this will be
>> my last Microsoft OS, and that by the time I'm ready
>> to upgrade, the Linux
>> world will have progressed enough for me to make the
>> switch.

> that sounds like trolling to me. "linux sucks, i hope

Then you need to get your ears cleaned out.

I do play with various Linux versions in vmware.

So far, in my opinion, it doesn't have the usability that Windows does.

It definetly does not have the hardware support yet.

Nor the native program support.

Nor the game support.

And certainly not the retail program support.  In most computer stores, 
you'd be hard pressed to find a copy of the Linux OS, let alone any programs 
for it.

Linux is not ready for me.

Maybe in a couple years, when I am finally forced to upgrade, Linux will 
have progessed far enough for me to make the switch.

> it will catch up one day on super dooper windows" and
> you're telling us you don't want to start a
> linuxVsWindows war?

If I wanted to do an OS war, I could do it a heck of a lot better than that.

As I said above... if that sounded like a OS troll, then you need to get 
your ears cleaned out.

>> But by the same point, since I don't use Linux, I
>> don't care what does or
>> does not happen on it.  It has a very small segment
>> of the world market, so
>> most people don't care and aren't going to care.

> Sounds like trolling again. "Nobody cares about linux
> as nobody uses it...". Thank you very much again.

That's just plain stupid.

Obviously the developers here are Linux users and do care about linux.

But there's no reason for a *user* of the dominant OS to be overly concerned 
about what 5% of the world market (Mac & OS together) are doing.

You seem to be very good at trying to provoke arguments.  Trying to read 
things that were not said.  Some people are definetly not happy when anybody 
says something that isn't negative about Microsoft or Windows.

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