[Theora] Other extension for Ogg Theora then 'ogg'

Walter Vermeir walter.temp2005 at sol3.info
Tue May 10 10:19:24 PDT 2005


> To me, the question isn't whether we need another extension, or what it's
> going to be or whether a billion users could be retrained to use one
> extension, etc..  But whether Xiph and Monty will finally face reality of
> the 95% world market and give in, and if not actively support it, at least
> accept it, acknowledge it, and not fight it.

That is it exactly. I think everybody would be very happy if there would
be a "official" statement in the name of "Ogg Theora" about this.

Like; the official extension of Ogg Theora is ".ogg".  If you for whatever
reason prefer to use a other extension for it the Ogg Theora developers
suggest to use ".ogv" *

And put this on the website. Now there is not even a message about the
fact that Ogg Vorbis and Ogg Theroa use the same extension and the
questions this raise.

This way this everybody is happy. The extension remains ".ogg" but there
is a clear alternative if you like it.  And so the software can support
the that extension. I think doing this will be good for the success of Ogg


(*) or a other, I personly think the from the two candidateds ".ogm" and
".ogv" ogv is best because it is not used like .ogm.

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