[Theora] Other extension for Ogg Theora then "ogg"

RC rcooley at spamcop.net
Mon May 9 23:11:53 PDT 2005

On Mon, 9 May 2005 17:10:58 -0600
Jack Moffitt <jack at xiph.org> wrote:

> Windows Media player and many other media players already ignore
> extensions anyway, since much of hte content coming off of file
> sharing networks is misnamed.  Regardless of extension (as long as the
> extension is one assigned to media player), media player seems to be
> able to play all files even if the extension lies.

Media players don't need any extension, and I don't believe they've ever
worried about extensions.  Problem is, if the extension was completely
wrong, media player wouldn't get it, Winamp would, or Firefox would,

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