[Theora] Other extension for Ogg Theora then "ogg"

Walter Vermeir walter.temp2005 at sol3.info
Sun May 8 01:50:32 PDT 2005


The standards for audio and video to be used by the Wikimedia projects
(like Wikipedia) are Ogg Vorbis and Ogg Theora.

The use of Ogg Vorbis files is growing fast. For now the use of video is
still very limited.

The problem is that an audio and an video file looks the same because of
the same file extension. This is very annoying because you do not know
what for file it is when you look at it. When you have files on your
computer or cd-roms you know your stuff and know what is what. But in a
community like the the Wikimedia projects that uses a wiki many users
are working whit the files and the fact that a audio file looks the same
as a video file it is confusing.

Is there a recommended other extension that can be used instead of
"ogg"? Like you can have a flac-file whit the extension "flac" but also

FYI here is the current selection of video in Ogg Theora;

Walter Vermeir


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