[Theora] Qt4 GUI to ffmpeg2theora

pat cito patcito at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 16:25:19 PDT 2005

hey all,
I did a Qt4 GUI to ffmpeg2theora with a nice progress bar, combobox,
sliders and stuff.
It supports most of ffmpeg2theora 0.13 features.
It only run on nix for now cause Im on a trip and dont have access to
a windows boxand neither a MacOS one but thanx to the Qt4 and
ffmpeg2theora availabilty on the 3 plateforms it shouldn`t be tricky
to make it work on there. When I get back home in a couple of weeks
I`ll try to release those.




PS: might be buggy, repport any bug to patcito at gmail.com if you have time :)

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