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pat cito oggtheora at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 22 14:34:40 PDT 2005

Hey Nick,
If you do work for the GNU project, then you should
have ask your boss before posting this one because I
remember he said the change from LGPL to BSD was a
good thing. At least that`s what he said about Vorbis.

After some googling, I found the quote:
In response to the change of license, Richard Stallman
of the Free Software 
Foundation says, "I agree.  It is wise to make some of
the Ogg Vorbis code 
available for use in proprietary software, so that
commercial companies doing 
proprietary software will use it, and help Vorbis
succeed in competition with 
other formats that would be restricted against our

Here`s the link 



PS: proposing to use GPL for ogg is not doable because
because any software using it should be GPLed (think
about easycreator or Nero). Maybe LGPL but GPL no! Are
you sure youre working for GNU? these guys know it all
about licesing stuff and wouldn`t make such a mistake,
no offense :).

--- Nick Hill <t0 at nickhill.co.uk> wrote:

> I do have longer term worries, projecting forward
> when Theora becomes a 
> generally important codec standard competing against
> WMV, real and qt.

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