[Theora] ffmpeg2theora with mmx patches is available on konvalo.org

Ivan Popov pin at konvalo.org
Fri Apr 15 05:28:21 PDT 2005

On Thu, Apr 14, 2005 at 02:38:16PM -0700, pat cito wrote:
> I like  konvalo.org coda client and I use it a lot on

Thanks Pat.

> my computer at home. Unfortunately I'm sometimes
> forced to use other machines where I don't have
> permission to install the coda client. Is there a way
> to get those cool theora software on a konvalo FTP pub
> or something?

Well, the technology used to build Konvalo.org is intrinsically based
on a global file system.

All other ways of distributing software are inferior compared to that one.
Imagine, I would put the binary on an FTP site, but then it would force me into
putting the relevant libraries there as well and maintaining all of them
to be in sync with each other and also with libraries on your systems...
It is basically a dead end.

It might be possible to produce statically linked versions of the relevant
binaries, but yet I don't think I have resources to do that, maintaining
a collection of statically compiled theora binaries. There is probably
not so much people who would need those, and I'd rather see Coda becoming
commonplace instead of spending our lifes for building workarounds...
(that's what software patents do force people into and it is so regrettable)

I understand your concern, but there is no good solution for your situation.
You might try to build the statically linked binaries yourself,
there are detailed NOTES in the relevant directories
(use "metidb -u" then "metidb theora", "metidb mplayer", "metidb ffmeg2theora"
to find the directories, see README and NOTES files).

I would not work to copy the existing binaries and use them without Konvalo.

Hope it helps somehow,

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