[Theora] ffmpeg2theora with mmx patches is available on konvalo.org

pat cito oggtheora at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 14 14:38:16 PDT 2005

I like  konvalo.org coda client and I use it a lot on
my computer at home. Unfortunately I'm sometimes
forced to use other machines where I don't have
permission to install the coda client. Is there a way
to get those cool theora software on a konvalo FTP pub
or something?

Thanx in advance

--- Ivan Popov <pin at konvalo.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> ffmpeg2theora (with encoder mmx patches) is
> available on konvalo.org.
> You can run it on Linux (2.6.x), FreeBSD (5.x) and
> NetBSD (2.x) on Intel x86.
> ffmpeg2theora may be considered the recommended
> Theora encoder.
> The author of the program is Jan Gerber @ v2v.cc
> Those of you who already use Konvalo.org do not need
> to do anything,
> the program is in your PATH. Otherwise see
> http://www.konvalo.org/?pagename=Main.Software

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