[Theora] Video and audio not in sync

Sal Valente svalente at mit.edu
Sat Apr 16 05:53:27 PDT 2005

I had some shows on tivo that I figured I wanted to keep on a CD in case
I might ever want to watch them again.  (Not that you care, butthis
really is for my own personal use.  I wouldn't have the bandwidth to
"share" this stuff even if I wanted to.)

So I downloaded a 1 hour show with TiVo ToGo, and I jumped through a few
hoops to "free the mpeg", and I got a nice 2 GB mpeg file that looked
and sounded great in mplayer.  But it doesn't fit on a CD.

So I ran:

ffmpeg2theora free.mpeg -x 320 -y 240 -o free.ogg

(320x240 seems like about the right tradeoff between image quality and
file size.)

Then I tried to play free.ogg in both HelixPlayer and mplayer.  And I
got the same exact results from each:

The video looked great.  And the audio sounded great.  But they didn't
look and sound great together.  The video was slightly faster than the
audio, so that 10 minutes into the show, the people's mouths were moving
a full second before the line was played, which makes the show entirely

I don't know if the problem is in the encoder, or in the player(s), or
in the input file, or in my head.  I'd appreciate any suggestions
(different software, different options, etc.)


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