[Theora] IntraFrame Detection (and forcing intraframes)

Eduard Kriegler kriegler at sun.ac.za
Thu Sep 30 04:34:27 PDT 2004

Great! Thanks. I've got the latest version now.

There isn't perhaps a way of forcing the encoder to make the next frame 
an intraframe (keyframe)? This would be a very useful feature where the 
encoded video is played back in real time. When a frame is lost or if 
there are errors on the data channel, the receiver can ask that the next 
frame be made a keyframe so as to regain synchronisation with the stream.

Thanks again for the hint of the new version!


j at thing.net wrote:

>if you update libtheora to the latest version from svn
>you get a new function in the api:
>int theora_packet_iskeyframe(ogg_packet *op);
>On Thu, 2004-09-30 at 11:54 +0200, Eduard Kriegler wrote:
>>For my application I need to *know* when a frame was encoded to be an 
>>intraframe (or keyframe or a frame that is independent of previous frames).
>>In Chapter 7 of the Theora I Specification document it is said that 
>>there is a "FTYPE" parameter in the frame header which will indicate 
>>whether the frame is a inter or intraframe. What I would like to know is 
>>whether this frame header is indeed the first bits of the data placed in 
>>the ogg_packet by the theora_encode_packetout() function?
>>Eduard Kriegler
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