[Theora] Ffdshow-20042003 Theora support fixed.

illiminable ogg at illiminable.com
Fri Oct 8 21:45:27 PDT 2004

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Subject: [Theora] Ffdshow-20042003 Theora support fixed.

> Thought I'd pass this along for Theora users on the Windowzz platform.
> The latest alpha build of the ffdshow filter (20041003) on Sourceforge
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/ffdshow/
> Seems to have had theora, broken since the June/July unofficial builds,
> fixed. This build also connects nicely to Zen's Ogg splitter and also
> decodes Helix Producer encoded Ogg's well. The encoder side though still
> only outputs Theora frames to AVI.

Excellent news ! I always wondered why they just all of a sudden stopped 
working... probably some change that i made... but i wasn't sure what.

As to the encoder... is the reason that it only outputs to AVI, that it 
converts to directshow time ? (And my muxer wants granule pos)

This was something i struggled with for a while... i really wanted to just 
pass directshow times throughtout all the graph... but because theora 
actually has other information embedded in it's granule pos, if you convert 
it to a directshow time, you can't recover that information. So i ended up 
deciding to pass granule pos everywhere, and leave the responsibility to any 
filter that connects to a filter outside my little ecosystem to make the 


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