[Theora] servers available _now_ .

j at thing.net j at thing.net
Tue Nov 9 03:10:32 PST 2004

> Let's use them.
> Anyone to join me to build Icecast-kh and ffmpeg2theora and oggfwd
> packages ?
there are binary versions of ffmpeg2theora and oggfwd, 

building icecast-kh you can get the sources from

if you have problems with building icecast-kh 
#icecast on irc.feenode.net is a good place to look for help.

to complete the list of possible ways to stream theora vlc
(http://videolan.org) should not be left out.

to stream from your v4l device in ogg theora/vorbis the syntax would be:
vlc v4l:/dev/video:input=3:norm=pal:size=384x288 --sout

or replace "v4l:/dev/video:input=3:norm=pal:size=384x288" with a file
you want to transcode.


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