[Theora] playback rate of theora movie "honey"

Andreas Heinchen andreas.heinchen
Tue Jun 22 11:42:58 PDT 2004

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Stan Seibert schrieb:

> Guy wrote:
> [...]
> Thanks for checking the videos out.  Yes, we are aware of the poor
> performance of the decoder on large frame size films.  The decoder has
> not been optimized yet, as we were focusing on completeness and
> correctness.  Optimization will come eventually.
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> Stan Seibert
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I just checked out, if your streams can be played back with xine. I saw
you haven't cropped the black borders of honey. In my encodingtests
cropping black borders so that there are no more black lines/rows
increased quality of the encode a bit.

BTW xine played the files. I was surprised to find a gentoo ebuild for
theora :-) Works out of the box.

Andreas Heinchen

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