[Theora] Slowdown on lots of motion

J.B. Nicholson-Owens jbn
Tue Jun 22 01:28:34 PDT 2004

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> (Disclosure: I produced the Honey theora files.)

Due to quoting, it's not entirely clear to me who wrote this (Stan Seibert?)
but I think I'm missing a part of the conversation.  I hope nothing pertinant
to learning more about Theora or why "Honey" appears to stutter was discussed.
I'd like to learn why that happened to me, even when I play the small
encoding of the movie.

Thanks for providing us with a copy of "Honey" encoded in Vorbis+Theora.  This
was most useful (and interesting to watch as well).  It was particularly
generous to provide them under a CC license so we can share the movies.

Stan Seibert wrote:
> That's what the CC films (2 minutes or less) are more geared toward. The
> Honey video was more of an experiment in distributing full length movies.

I'd be curious to learn what you learn what conclusions you draw from this

> Trailers are a good idea.  We are actually working on getting permission
> to distribute a trailer or two, though aren't going to be
> blockbuster-grade movies like Harry Potter.

That's fine with me -- I'm most interested in seeing what Theora does with
video that hasn't been through any other codec (not transcoded) and I'm not
sure that is possible with edited movie ads (which are delivered to the public
in some lossy compressed encoding).  I'd like to see this because I'm
interested in being able to learn (visually) what kinds of video Theora
handles well and what it doesn't handle well.  I don't know that I could do
this with transcoded video because it wouldn't be clear to me whether I was
seeing the Theora codec not encode something well or if Theora had accurately
encoded what it was handed -- and what it was handed was not encoded well.

Is it possible to make this kind of video with consumer-grade equipment?

Would transcoding from a Flash animation help illustrate something along these

I'd also be interested to see portions of Honey encoded such that it traded
away file size for accuracy.  A short scene with lots of motion which could be
decoded without much computation would be interesting to me because then I
could better discern if my computer just isn't fast enough to show Theora
movies right now or if what I saw in Honey is the effect of encoder settings.

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