[Theora] playback rate of theora movie "honey"

Guy guylacroix
Mon Jun 21 21:33:38 PDT 2004

I downloaded xiph.org's free theora-encoded movie called "honey", both the large and the small versions. I tried playing the small version on both a g4 450 "OS X" mac and a PIII 800mhz running WinXP. On both platforms I used VLC media player version 0.7.2

Neither one of these platforms could play the movie smoothly from the hard disk drive. There were several moments, that would stretch for many seconds, where the frame rate would fall significantly below 24fps and the audio would slur.

I have other avi/mp3 encoded video files that I have played many times on these platforms and I have never seen performance this poor. I thought that one of the advantages of theora was that it was computationally less demanding than avi. Is this wrong? I hope that the quality of your theora players increases or your excellent new format might gain a bad reputation.

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