[Theora] Re: [Vorbis] RealPlayer 10 & Helix Player for Linux Vorbis

André Pang ozone
Fri Jun 18 19:49:39 PDT 2004

& Theoraplugins updated
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On 19/06/2004, at 2:40 AM, Barton Hodges wrote:

> vorbis-bounces at xiph.org wrote:
>> The RealPlayer 10 plugins for Vorbis and Theora have been
>> updated. This
>> release fixes bugs related to SMIL, HTTP playback of static files,
>> and a few Icecast related issues.
> I know this is probably in a FAQ somewhere, but is there any way of
> playing an ogg stream in Windows Media Player?  I know there is
> support for playing a file.

Have a look at Illiminable's Directshow filters for Ogg:


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