[Theora] Theora file extension

Freun Laven FreunLaven
Wed Jun 16 08:51:12 PDT 2004

From: "Nilesh Bansal" <bansal at cs.ubc.ca>

> Theora and Vorbis both uses same extension .ogg. I know ogg is a
> container, just like avi. But in my opinion video and audio files should
> have different extensions (using .ogv can be a nice idea).

This has been discussed several other times.

Most people do indeed seem to feel that for the user's sake, it's better to
have seperate extensions for audio and video.  Even Microsoft gave in and
went from asf to wma & wmv for that same reason.  And with directory sorting
done by extension,  audio sorting apps, and p2p networks that work by file
extension, and so on, it's a great convenience to everybody to have an
official extension for audio & video files, even if the file format itself
is the same.

But I don't remember ever reading an official anouncement about what the
extensions would be.  I don't think there was ever an agreement.

Some were saying that 'ogg' should always be generic and that there should
be seperate extensions for audio & video specific files.  Others were saying
it's too late to change .ogg since that is recognized as being Vorbis.  A
few others were saying that if you are going to seperate Audio & Video, then
you might as well seperate a bit further with other extensions to indicate
the type of codec.  Some were saying we should just add a second file
extension, and leave .ogg alone.  And a few were saying that it was a waste
of time because any smart user could do that manually themselves, and use
whatever extension they might want.

And on and on.

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