[Theora] A script to convert existing video files to Ogg

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki
Thu Jul 22 12:13:40 PDT 2004

(Theora/Vorbis) available.
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I noticed that it's quite difficult currently to create Ogg format files
(Ogg Theora for video and Ogg Vorbis for audio). There's only the
encoder_example-program, which is included in the libtheora source
packages, but seemingly not in any libtheora/libtheora-devel packages
that are around the web for e.g. many Linux distributions.

If anyone happens to be interested in an easier way to utilize Ogg
Theora, I've made the encoder_example binary available as an RPM package
(compiled under SUSE 9.1), together with an easy-to-use script with
which to convert videos to Ogg format. The RPM requires libogg,
libtheora and libvorbis installed, and the script (2ogg.sh) needs
MPlayer (http://www.mplayerhq.hu/) and encoder_example. I put the
2ogg.sh under GPL just in case someone wants to do something with it.

They're available at my home page at:

I haven't programmed much with the shell scripts, but I tried to do some
proper parsing of the paramaters so that it's both easy and safe to use.
There's nothing earth-shattering in the script, but I find it a nice
thing to have together with a ready-to-go encoder binary.

Best Regards,
Timo Jyrinki

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