[Theora] trying to encode from dvd using mplayer

Tim Müller t.i.m at zen.co.uk
Wed Dec 15 07:57:18 PST 2004

On Sunday 12 December 2004 23:34, pat cito wrote:

Hi Pat,

(warning: shameless self-plug ahead)

> Is there an other way to rip dvd to theora?

If you're willing to try non-mplayer/ffmpeg ways, you could give thoggen 0.1 a 
shot, which I've just released. Thoggen is a DVD ripper that produces 
ogg/theora files as output, based on the GStreamer framework and Gtk+. More 
info here:


This is the very first release, it's alpha software, and it's extremely slow 
for various reasons, but it works fine for me, so with a bit of luck it might 
just work fine for you as well. No promises though.


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