[theora] Codec Information

Prodoc agebosma at home.nl
Thu Sep 25 07:35:05 PDT 2003

Ralph Giles wrote:

>>I'm currently working on a project to create some order in the video 
>>codec chaos and for the completeness of the information I've got a 
>>couple of questions about the Theora codec. I realize I'm a bit early to 
>>add the Theora information while it's still in Alpha stage but I figured 
>>the base won't be changing anymore (atleast not a lot anyway).
> Sounds like a useful resource. What's the URL?

No URI available at this stage, I fist want to get the whole thing 
finished before starting to think about that.
What I can tell you is that it will be part of a site with loads of 
other resource projects I've been doing and a couple of friend have done 
(QuickTime, XML, etc.). I'll let you know when it's done.

> None at the moment. We don't recommend avi as a container format, and
> (as far as I know) no one has implemented such a thing.

So Theora will be a container by itself as well? Or is something else 
going to be used?
Not just the avi containers use the FourCC standard, won't you couse 
much more confusion by creating a codec which can't be identified by the 
"standard" method? Players need to be able to identify a movie to know 
which codec to use to play the file.

> It's not based on any of the MPEG standards. The motivation for theora,
> as with all the xiph.org codecs, is to produce a multimedia format that
> can be used in perpetuity without royalty or licence fees on the
> technology. Theora is based on On2's VP3 format.

But isn't the VP3 format based on an MPEG standard? If you claim VP3 
files will be confertable to Theora without any quality loss (mentioned 
on the Theora site) shouldn't it be based on the same thing?

I hope you can enlighten me a bit more :-)

Age Bosma

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