[theora] Theora vs. Nullsoft NSV

Dan Miller dan at on2.com
Wed Nov 13 07:32:31 PST 2002

if your encode speed was that fast, you probably had "quick compress" turned on, which will reduce motion estimation.  This may explain your poor results on high-motion material.

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Thanks Ian I did mean to mention this but got caught up in rationalising

For those that read my comments as to the quality I obtained from the
codec comparisons. One thing I forgot to mention was the speed.

This little codec is quite fast when used out of either Premiere, Ulead MSP
even FlaskMpeg It generally (as in on average) will encode at about half
real time.
Thats 12.5 fps for those on PAL. This is dependent on the settings but I
have never had it
run slower than 8 fps. This is on a frame size of QCIF or 352 x 288.
 DV will encode at about 5 fps full PAL 720 x 576 and this is on my PIII 1
Ghz with 512 PC133 Ram.
This is encoding either AVI or QT. However if you use QT to code I find it
can slow right down or at least it seems to take longer. (Not that I sit and
watch the little blue squares)
On the NLE's it shows me the frame rate. So compared to the other codecs I
put this at about 8 on a
scale of one to ten. Nothing beats smart rendering on Ulead MSP or Premiere
when it doesnt have to

Of course thats unfair as it not really encoding anything just copying bits
of the already encoded file

As far as decode speed goes all I can say is that it plays back at 25fps
with no dropouts in either video or audio and starts fast in WMP and a bit
longer in QT (2-3 seconds)

I dont want to get into product bashing I am only reporting the results as I
percieve them
my advice to anyone wanting to know is try it for yourself and see. You will
be surprised.

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<p><p>> * One thing not mentioned by those who tested the codecs is encode and
decode speed.  This is a primary factor in designing a codec.  It's
relatively easy to develop a new codec that beats existing products at
bitrate/quality if you don't care at all about performance.  The challenge
is to create a codec that is superior at quality/bitrate, but is also low
enough in complexity to work well on typical platforms of the day.  My
feeling is that VP3 is pretty good in this area too, but could be improved.
Our hope is to increase quality/bitrate of Theora without substantially
adding to the CPU requirements.  Comments on this strategy are welcome.
> - dbm

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