[theora-dev] theora streamer for Android anyone?

ydegoyon at gmail.com ydegoyon at gmail.com
Sat Oct 15 01:21:38 PDT 2011

Timothy B. Terriberry wrote:
>> do you have a version compiled for Android?
>> i mean with all Makefile options ?
>> maybe my Makefile is wrong...
> ./configure should work, if you have the appropriate environment
> variables (CC, AS, LD, etc.) set up to point at your Android NDK.
> Personally I've only built them for Android inside Firefox, which uses
> its own build system, and only compiles the decoders (though I've built
> and tested the encoders on more normal ARM Linux systems, where they
> work fine).

i used ndk-build here .. don't think i have to set variables manually
>>> Please be more specific about the kind of crashes you're observing....
>> it's not easy to run gdb on the mobile with dalvik,
>> all i get is SIGSEGV messages
>> with raw stack pointers... hum,
>> not very useful.
> Android is a giant PITA, in general, but see
> https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Fennec/Android for instructions on using
> gdb/gdbserver with it.

ok thanks, will try that.
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