[theora-dev] [Cortado] How to support seeking in on-the-fly generated Theora stream?

David Schueler david.schueler at wapkamera.de
Mon May 23 08:32:41 PDT 2011

Gregory Maxwell <gmaxwell at gmail.com> wrote on 05.23.2011 05:07:59 PM:

> I misunderstood what you were looking for—   What version of cortado
> are you looking at?  Last I tested client side seeking worked
> absolutely fine in it. I only suggested otherwise because I thought
> you weren't interested in keeping the transcoded-on-the-fly output.

I'm using the latest git version from http://git.xiph.org
I thought my explanations where clear enough that the cortado java applet 
should be capable of buffering the video data and support seeking in that 
buffer and that i tried to implement that. I dont want to post any seek 
requests to the server.


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