[theora-dev] Build warnings

Stuart Fisher stuart.fisher at fig7.com
Wed Mar 24 11:54:48 PDT 2010

Thanks for the replies. I pretty much agree with both of you. I have worked on projects where more serious warnings have got lost in a sea of unimportant ones. It's just bad practice to let that happen. At the same time quite a few of the compiler warnings that get generated are just an annoyance and should be disabled. In this particular case, personally I'm in favour of putting the parentheses in because I don't have "operator precedence rules" hard-wired in my brain. However I can see it the other way too (why put parentheses in when they aren't needed), so I won't be putting them in and submitting the changes. Instead I'll go away and figure out how to turn these warnings off on my system.

>> What compiler are you using? The code should disable this warning for both MSVC and gcc.

It is gcc but it's not linux, so I'm not using any of the normal makefiles. I'll post more about what I'm doing when I get something working!

>> Variable names like "vi," "vt," "vc" etc... help to confuse the reader and obfuscate the code

I agree. It would be helpful to actually know what these things are meant to represent!

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