[theora-dev] Seek issue in cortado player

ogg.k.ogg.k at googlemail.com ogg.k.ogg.k at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 15 03:59:27 PDT 2010

> When I play the converted video using cortado 0.5.2, seeking still seems to
> be broken. For example: play a video, pause and then press play, the player
> resumes several seconds after the paused position. Also, pause and drag the
> time slider. The slider jumps to a new position after you release the drag
> rather than where the slider was dragged.
> Does cortado support OggIndex?

No. The index is a very new addition and is still being worked on.
Support at the moment is limited to ffmpeg2theora and OggIndex (plus
patches for Firefox). It is expected that various players will be
patched to support the index, however. Cortado would probably be one
of them.

> Are there any workarounds for reliably getting and setting the playback
> position?

Seeking is known to have problems in Cortado. They're fixed as they're found.
Also, a recently released version of Cortado had a non-working
playback position access from Javascript, in case you're also seeing
this problem. I'm unsure whether there was a release since this was

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