[theora-dev] Seek issue in cortado player

salsaman salsaman at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 03:33:41 PDT 2010

When I looked at oggindex a few months ago the seeking was completely
broken. The only player I know of which can seek reliably in ogg is
the one which I wrote for LiVES:


It also has some nice optimisations, for example it will create a
keyframe index as it discovers keyframes, and if you are playing
sequentially it will just decode from the current position.



On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 11:12 PM, Nigel Simpson <nigel at matsuplace.com> wrote:
> One of the issues I've consistently run into with the cortado player app is seek behavior, so I was curious to see how cortado handles video encoded with the latest ffmpeg2theora (0.26) and the new -seek-index option, so I tried converting an h.264 video:
> ffmpeg2theora tronlegacy-tsr1_480p.mov --seek-index
> This output the following advisory messages:
>> Allocated 372 bytes for theora keyframe index, 114 are unused. Rerun with '--theora-index-reserve 258' to encode with the optimal sized theora index, or use OggIndex to re-index.
>> Allocated 372 bytes for vorbis keyframe index, 59 are unused. Rerun with '--vorbis-index-reserve 313' to encode with the optimal sized vorbis index, or use OggIndex to re-index.
> So, I re-encoded using the recommended parameters:
> ffmpeg2theora tronlegacy-tsr1_480p.mov --seek-index --theora-index-reserve 258 --vorbis-index-reserve 313
> When I play the converted video using cortado 0.5.2, seeking still seems to be broken. For example: play a video, pause and then press play, the player resumes several seconds after the paused position. Also, pause and drag the time slider. The slider jumps to a new position after you release the drag rather than where the slider was dragged.
> Does cortado support OggIndex?
> Are there any workarounds for reliably getting and setting the playback position?
> Thanks!
> Nigel
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