[theora-dev] Changing the framerate after the fact...

Maik Merten maikmerten at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 14 01:44:57 PST 2010


according to chapter 6.2 of http://www.theora.org/doc/Theora.pdf you 
want to change the framerate nominator (FRN, unsigned integer, 32bit) 
and denominator (FRD, unsigned integer, 32bit) of the identification header.

Have a look at figure 6.2 to see what bytes to modify.


On 14.02.2010 10:19, Id Kong wrote:
>   I have another odd question...
> Is there a way to change the frame rate of an ogg stream after having
> already encoded it?
> My problem is that I am capturing video being generated in real time.
> The only way to know what the frame rate of the generated video is to
> let it play and see. However, I'm capturing it so I've already created a
> theora stream and storing it in an ogg file. I'm hoping that's okay
> 'cause I can just assume some arbitrary frame rate and change it later.
> The frames haven't changed so surely I can just change some bytes
> somewhere and a new frame rate will be assigned to the theora stream...
> right?
> Thank you...
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