[theora-dev] litheora encoding speed, was: Ogg files incompatible

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Fri Feb 12 14:13:04 PST 2010

> Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 11:19:10 -0500
> From: xiphmont at xiph.org
> > Indeed, it's much less than ideal.  Do you know where I can find source code
> > for older versions of libtheora?  I can't find any on the site and a Google
> > search wasn't fruitful.  Since my ultimate goal is to upload video to
> > YouTube, what matters is that it actually work, so compatibility is my
> > priority...
> There's a better way than using an old libtheora.  We anticipated the
> need for continued compatability with VP3 and the new encoder can be
> run in VP3 compat mode.  In this mode it will not use any features
> that weren't available in VP3.  This obviously penalizes efficiency,
> but it does work.
	I was wondering what that VP3 compatibility constant was for!  It all makes sense now...	Thank you very much.  My videos now work in every respect!  It's a shame about the efficiency but it's better than not having video at all...
	Actually, I have another (hopefully final) issue to deal with involving a different kind of efficiency.  My application is encoding in real time and was computationally expensive to begin with, even before libtheora!  Obviously libtheora adds enormous CPU time, perhaps even more than the original application alone!	How much effort was put into computational efficiency for libtheora?  Do you think there's much room for improvement?  Do you (or anyone, please!) think you know somewhere that can improved in this regard?	Thank you so much...

> > If I'm not mistaken, they were encoded using ffmpeg2theora so that it's
> > compatible with (the broken) ffmpeg shouldn't be surprising.  So basically,
> > no one's using the "new" specification...
> Plenty of people are using the new spec, but ffmpeg was very very late
> to the party.

	I'm sorry, I thought that ffmpeg was "it."  I mean, does anyone not use it?  What's the alternative?  I get the impression that integrated video encoding is not commonly needed so people just used these established command line utilities...
	Of course, many thanks to Tim, who answered all my initial questions... 		 	   		  

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