[theora-dev] [RFC] theorarm-merge-branch diff for latest svn

Dave Milici davemilici at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 24 10:47:00 PDT 2010

Thanks for following up on this, and posting an integrated patch for review. 
I'll have to revisit this when I'm back at workstation.

I thought it was odd that the .s files for the decode functions were not 
included in the makefile, and only discovered them through series of failed runs 
with unresolved function symbols. After finally assembling and linking them in, 
then I started getting segfaults inside some of them. Rather than unravelling 
these decode function dependencies, it was more expedient to leave them disabled 
to get something running.


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- something in the fast path for decoder is broken, in fact these fast paths are 
disabled in lib/decode.c via an undef. If you remove the undef you get a 
segfault, tried to get a core but i hadn't symbols so no idea where to start.

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