[theora-dev] A thank you and question about the cortado jar

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Tue Jul 14 11:58:05 PDT 2009

paranoid wrote:

> What you can do instead, since you're working with PHP already, is use 
> a cronjob or sth and just check if the jar file on theora.org is the most 
> recent one. If it is not, download it first.
> In stead of pointing to the jar file on theora.org, you point to your 
> personal copy of the jar file on your own host and you don't have the Java 
> security problem with certificates and updating manually.

I'm generating the media code with a class and the location to the 
cortado jar is a public variable that the blog application can change 
via a configuration setting, so people who install my php blog app (not 
finished) on their web server cab point to a local copy if they want w/o 
modifying the blog code. IE

$foo = new html5media($dom,'video.ogv'); // blog uses DOMDocument
$foo->cortado='/lib/cortado.jar' // defaults to theora hosted
$video = $foo->generateVideo();

Only issue I've run into so far is w/ opera (i386 linux), which 
frequently tries but fails to load the video. Hit back button and 
forward and the video is instantly available, and FireFox 3.0.11 doesn't 
have the issue, so it's an opera bug - and I'm not too worried about it 
since I suspect Opera will have built in video before I release the blog 
and most opera users seem to update to latest frequently.

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