[theora-dev] Theora 1.0 final release!

jaromil jaromil at dyne.org
Tue Nov 4 06:29:55 PST 2008

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re all,

congratulation and much gratitude for the achievement,

please give me please some hints about this release:

we should *always* use skeleton in streams, right?

i ask this because, while it was already asked to do so, still testing
various players me and  others experienced problems in playing streams
with skel.

a transitional solution  is of course to make  that configurable (skel
on/off), but i hope that won't be needed.

second  question: what is  the "official"  extension of  theora files?
ogv? ogm? lots of confusion there and still many problems with desktop
applications parsing file types from file extensions.

thanks  in  advance for  your  replies, i'm  part  of  the FreeJ  team
(borrowing encoding and streaming  code from Jan's ffmpeg2theora since
version 0.9) and we  are going to have a spin in  the coming 6 months,
these and hints are very useful, while we pursue the ambitious goal of
a  portable  (x86/ppc/arm) scriptable  engine  for  vision mixing  and
compositing into ogg/theora streams.


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