[theora-dev] XO+ coprocessor

John Kintree jkintree at swbell.net
Fri Feb 15 02:22:20 PST 2008

On Thursday 14 February 2008 05:33 pm, Andrey Filippov wrote:
> And of course I love the idea of adding FPGA+SDRAM to the system, but it
> should be not just Theora encoder, but perform variety of other functions
> to make it efficient.

What other functions could the coprocessor perform: audio 
and speech compression, video and audio decompression, ...?  
It would be great if the XO could become a platform for good 
quality multi-site video and voice conferencing.

What would be needed to proceed: an XO laptop, the schematic 
of the XO motherboard, a contract, ...?

Here's another thought, for anyone.  Could the Speex 
compresssed output from a multi-site voice conference 
be piped to a server that would perform real time translation 
into different languages, and then piped back in Speex 
format to the participants in the conference?
John Kintree

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