[theora-dev] How can I go into theora library function while debugging the encoder_example

janaka priyadarshana rpjanaka at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 02:56:31 PST 2008

hi all,

When i am debugging the encoder_example using gdb, it is fine that things
are going on well.

By stepping (step command used in gdb), it is possible to go into other
functions which is written in the same file (encoder_example.c file).

But  it is not possible to go into functions like "theora_encode_init" which
is written in the "encoder_toplevel.c" located in the path of "/lib/enc"

I want to go into functions defined in the "lib" directory while i am
debugging the encoder_example

please can anyone help me to do this

Janaka Priyadarshana
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