[theora-dev] Latest SVN checkin to cpu.c broke MSVC build

Andrew Chew andrew at okashistudios.com
Tue Apr 29 15:38:50 PDT 2008

Here's the errors that I'm seeing:

..\..\..\lib\cpu.c(93) : error C2414: illegal number of operands
..\..\..\lib\cpu.c(93) : error C2400: inline assembler syntax error in 
'first operand'; found '*'
..\..\..\lib\cpu.c(94) : error C2400: inline assembler syntax error in 
'opcode'; found '*'
..\..\..\lib\cpu.c(94) : warning C4405: 'mov' : identifier is reserved word
..\..\..\lib\cpu.c(124) : warning C4013: 'oc_cpuid_detect_helper' 
undefined; assuming extern returning int

Patch to fix this is attached.  Can someone check it over, though?  I 
really have no clue how the syntax for the different addressing modes in 
assembly look like, so please double-check what I did to those mov 
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