[theora-dev] [PATCH] cpu support for VIA and Transmeta processors

Timothy B. Terriberry tterribe at email.unc.edu
Tue Apr 29 09:56:26 PDT 2008

David Kuehling wrote:
> Tested on a Via C7 and on a Transmeta Crusoe TM5800.  Via C3 code was
> just checked against the output of the 'cpuid' tool.

I have done lots of clean-up to that file in r14814. The only
interesting functional modification is that I made the Intel vs. AMD CPU
flags tests exclusive for VIA processors. According to some random
posting on mplayer-users
the Nehemiah 693 no longer returns useful AMD-like flags, though it
appears to return useful Intel-like flags, so overwriting the results of
the Intel test with the AMD one would be bad. If you can point me to any
official documentation for any of these processors, I would greatly
appreciate it, as my cursory search did not find any.

Please test the results and make sure I didn't screw anything up.

I also added proper support for detecting the cpuid instruction on
win32, instead of just blindly trying to use it. I have absolutely no
idea if this works. Someone on win32 will need to test that it even

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