[theora-dev] When will be released a new version of ffmpeg2theora?

j at v2v.cc j at v2v.cc
Thu Oct 18 00:12:27 PDT 2007

On Oct 17, 2007, at 21:51:07, Luis Gonzalez wrote:
> There are 2 new relases of libTheora , now in beta status.
> New bitstream revision to 3.2.1 of libTheora.

this works without changes to ffmpeg2theora,
so no need for a new release.

> MultiThread Theora Encoder.
once that lands in trunk i am happy to accept patches to provide a
command line interface to set the number of threads.
at that point i will also release a new version.
my understanding is that right now the multi threaded version is in
are there any plans to merge that to trunk soon?


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