[theora-dev] Multi-Thread Theora Encoder

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at gmx.de
Wed Oct 3 03:47:32 PDT 2007

>>>>> "Felipe" == Felipe Portavales Goldstein <portavales at gmail.com> writes:

> This multi-threaded version will be converted to a port of the Theora
> encoder to the IBM CELL processor.

Neat, this might finally convince me to buy a PS3 :)   

> I am working on this project in my free time during my undergrad
> course. So, the development can be slow.  If someone wants to
> contribute, please send me an email.

I've recently done some Cell programming on Linux for my master thesis
and might be able to help with porting.  BTW may I recommend to not use
the official Cell-SDK, but instead only the three packages ppe-gcc,
spu-gcc and libspe which recently became available natively for many
(Power-PC) Linux distros?  Installing the official SDK would be a major
hassle for people wishing to participate.  Also some of the IBM libs in
the SDK might never make it into mainstream distros due to licensing


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